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What We Do:

Ecological Restoration, Inc. is the leading specialty contracting company working nationwide to restore ecosystems including, but not limited to Streams, Rivers, Wetlands, Urban Waterways, Forests, Ponds/Lakes and Prairies. We were the first contractor in the U.S. to specialize in these services. Now we have over 30 years and hundreds of projects under our belts, since conception.

Why we are Successful:

  • Experience – More than any other contractor.
  • Efficiency – With experience comes efficiency. We know what to do and how to do it. The guesswork is eliminated.
  • Resources – We have a significant fleet of equipment and vehicles to get the job done. Some of our equipment is very unique for the type of work we do.
  • Fewer Problems – Due to all of the above. There are few situations that we haven’t already encountered.
  • In-House Nursery – We supply most of our own jobs with herbaceous plants, grasses, shrubs, trees, ferns, seed and bioengineering materials from our well-established, wholly-owned (founded 1992) nursery, Wetland Supply Co.
  • Lower Cost – Many contractors bid this type of work on the high end, but since we do it every day, we can keep our costs low and still provide expert services in this field.


  • Streams/River Restoration, Wetland Construction/Restoration, Urban Waterways/Raingardens, Forests, Ponds/Lakes and Prairies, Nursery
  • Comprehensive Habitat Restoration Services Specializing in:
    • Wetlands, Waterways, Forests, & Prairies
    • Our Specialty Services Include:
      • Stream Restoration
      • Wetland and Wildlife Habitat Restoration
      • Passive Wetland Systems
      • Pond Maintenance
      • Erosion Control
      • Floodplain Restoration/Reforestation
      • Engineered Rock Structures
      • Freshwater and Saltwater Wetland Restoration
      • Passive Treatment Systems
      • Phytoremediation
      • Urban Redevelopment with Ecological Factors Implemented
      • Education Workshops


Ecological Restoration was conceived in 1986 by Dave Hails as part of Koppers Company, Incorporated’s Ecology Department. The nursery (Wetland Supply Company) was formed by Hails in 1992. Shortly thereafter in 1993, the Ecology Department split from Koppers and became a separate entity, Ecological Restoration, owned by Hails and officially incorporating in 1997 with Hails as President. The two companies complimented each other, with the nursery growing plants for Ecological Restoration, Inc. (ERI) and ERI building wetland and restoring streams throughout the U.S.

Thirty plus years later, we have hundreds of significant projects under our belt with our focus still on streams, rivers, ponds and wetlands. Having worked in 38 states to date, our experience is wide and varied. The nursery as well has become one of the key native plant growers in the U.S. supplying as many as a million plants at a time for large construction projects. Our plants are also featured at Dallas, TX Botanical Gardens, Toledo Botanical Gardens (Ohio), Seneca Nation of Indians Reservation (Irving, NY) Longwood Gardens (Philadelphia), Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (PA), Allegheny National Forest (PA), Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater (PA), Frick Park (Pittsburgh), Clark County Park (Las Vegas), Frisco Native American Museum and Garden (North Carolina), Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian (native plant display/garden – Washington D.C.), Norfolk Botanical Gardens (Virginia), Texas A&M University Gardens and Greenways (College Station, TX) and the Pittsburgh Zoo to name a few.

In 2003, we moved to our current location in Apollo, PA. Here on 20 acres we house our nursery, equipment and offices. ERI owns over 100 pieces of heavy equipment, some very specialized for this type of work. We also own Mudpuppy Equipment Co. LLC Company, formed in 2002 to manage the equipment.

In addition to the above, we also have projects that include Phytoremediation, Benthic Macroinvertebrate and Fish Surveys, Water Sampling, Passive Wetland Systems for Mine Drainage and Landfill Leachate, Lake Management, Wetland Monitoring, Dam Removal, Habitat Evaluation, Rain gardens, Upland Restoration, Reforestation, Endangered Species Surveys, Erosion Control and Prairie Restoration.

Awards & Recognition:
Ecological Restoration, Inc. was named one of the fastest growing companies in Pittsburgh Region (PA, WV, OH) by the Pittsburgh Business Times. Competing with thousands of companies, we made #33 (#2 for Environmental Firms) on the top 100 list for 2003 and #59 (#5 Environmental Firms) for 2004. Our unique abilities have provided us with work opportunities throughout North America. Customers include many Fortune 500 companies, developers, Universities, construction contractors, and Government Agencies. Our professional attitude and workmanship has led to many of our clients being repeat customers.

Contact Us:
Please contact us for additional information:
David Hails, President
Phone: 724-727-3771
Email: wetplants@aol.com

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Ecological Restoration, Inc. prefers to incorporate workshops with our projects and we have been doing so since our start 20 years ago. We offer this service at no cost if we are chosen as a contractor and we encourage our customers to allow these informative and hands-on events to help educate the public on our projects and their importance.

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