Wetland Restoration

Wetland Treatment Systems and Phytoremediation:

ERI has developed an excellent reputation in this field, especially in treatment wetlands and other passive systems.

Representative Project Experience:

-Design and restoration of pilot wetland treatment system, Frankfort Springs, Pennsylvania. ERI designed this pilot system to polish leachate from a flyash landfill.

-Restored a residential treatment plant, Wexford, Pennsylvania. ERI created an elaborate self-contained septic system which included septic tanks, an equalization tank, a sand filter system, a chlorination system, and associated alarms.

-Planted a passive wetland treatment system, Springdale Pennsylvania. ERI planted a system that utilized cattails and bulrush for treatment of mine drainage and landfill leachate. Plantings had to be done in 4 meet of muck. A special floating platform was built from which to install the plants.

-Designed a treatment wetland system to treat hog waste, Evansville Indiana. Hog farmers had continual pressure from government agencies to eliminate waste discharges from their farms. We designed a system that would solve these problems using natural decomposition of the waste products.

-Designed a passive wetland system, Powdermill Native Reserve, Pennsylvania. This system utilizes 8 basins, each with its own unique treatment scheme. Some basins are wetlands while others are settling basins or alkaline producing systems. This system treats mine drainage.

-Phytoremediation, Salisbury, Maryland. 12,000 Cottonwood and Willow trees were planted to help control groundwater at this site. We installed an irrigation system to aid in the establishment of the plantings.

-Designed and built a passive landfill leachate treatment system, Morgantown, West Virginia. The system utilized wetland filtration, an anaerobic alkaline producing system and a wetland polisher.

-Phytoremediation at a former manufactured gas facility in Rochester, New Hampshire. ERI installed poplar, pine and willow species as a part of a grow no water treatment system.

-Passive treatment of acid mine drainage, Shasta County California. ERI designed high flow passive system to treat contaminated drainage from a copper mine.

-Phytoremediation cap using native grasses and forbs, Barberton, Ohio. ERI designed, conducted pilot studies and provided site supervision of the creation of the phyto-capping of hundreds of acres of spoil from glass manufacturing.

Wetland and Wildlife Habitat Restoration:

Representative Project Experience:

-Turnkey design and restoration of wetland and wildlife habitat at a superfund site in Morrisville, North Carolina. ERI designed and restored a five acre wetland and wildlife habitat at this site.

-Installation of 45,000 herbaceous wetland plants, 10,000 trees and shrubs, and seeding over 60 acres for two phases of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's Mon-Fayette Expressway. ERI was a subcontractor to two different large local construction companies for these phases.

-Installed 70,000 wetland plants and seeded 10 acres in a mitigation wetland, Eighty Four, Pennsylvania. ERI was responsible for installing and guaranteeing the survival of these plants. All plants at this site were also grown at our nursery.

-Restoration of stream channel and wetlands at a superfund site in Worchester, Massachusetts. ERI was responsible for designing, implementing and monitoring the complete restoration of wetlands and a major stream channel that were contaminated.

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Wetland Restoration
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Wetland Restoration
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Wetland Restoration
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